Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Slutcracker/Mini-Freeze 29/06/09

Attended another fabulous Invisible Dot event on Monday, which almost reached the infernal heat levels of the Incorporation Party.

This time Mr Basden was otherwise enageged doing a preview for his Edinburgh show at the Hen & Chickens (again) so it wasn't Freeze proper, more a long series of stuff and things from Mr Key with assistance from Fletch. The fun was not curtailed though and the place looked like it was sold out, which was rather nice... although it didn't help the temperature situation. There were poems, short films, trumpet reccittals, chats and all sorts, and at the end Tommy B finally made it to give us a thin slice of the regular Freeze. It were funny, it were.

I go on holiday in just three days, whooooooosh.

Pip pip x