Tuesday, 22 September 2009


This perhaps?

Or perhaps this?

This is just plain clever.

All change

Dear Blog

Hello. I am very pleased BBC 7 are playing the Paul McGann Doctor Who radio episodes. Fleshes out the rather wasted Eighth Doctor. It's also ruthlessly whetting my appetite for the remaining Tennant specials. It's also helping me get through a particularly difficult, stressful and boring period at work. I hope i get some kick ass painkillers.

There are 9 days until my operation, but 8 until my pre-exam, which promises to be just as intrusive as the operation itself. I'm in two minds about it. It'll be a bit scary, painful for a few weeks, undignified and frustrating for at least 6 weeks. However, it's necessary, everything will be a lot better afterward and i get about 10 days off work. On balance, it'll be great. Sadly it also means I don't get to move in our Shiny New Flat as soon as I'd like, but I do get a couple of weeks to savour my family home for the very last time.

Shiny New Flat isn't particularly shiny or new, but it's new to me, in a perfect location and i get a whole floor to myself, woop. It's on Stoke Newington High Street above the bookshop, a rather perfect location and a nice sized place. Cycling to work here I come. Pictures!

Went to Bestival, it was excellent; music, people, mess. Good times. Buraka Som Sistema might just have been my favourite band again, but Bat For Lashes was also splendid and Soulwax surprised me. Again, Kraftwerk did their thing and everyone was happy.

The End. x