Monday, 9 November 2009

This weekend. The one that just happened.

... Was a good one. Friday night all sensible and civilised and housebound. A Saturday morning at a farmer's market and making the best breakfast I've ever had. The evening contained a fine gig by the fantastic Daniel Kitson. I never realised we had so much in common. By 'so much' I mean we both have/had an aunt with Down's Syndrome. His died, mine hasn't, his liked nickabockaglory, mine doesn't have the ability to keep her internal monologue internal. So there are a few differences.

Regardless, his entire set was wonderful, there were some ponderous, reflective moments which was only fitting considering the central theme was death. There was a bit of repetition from the gig I saw him do over the summer, mainly about tea and cumming in his own face (he's also done it into an open fire now, awesome!). Anyway, utterly assured delivery, rich and intelligent material and oodles of hilarity. Bravo that man.

Then there was Sunday which started with another fine breakfast masterminded by me. Afterwards was a delightful afternoon Lost marathon (7-8 episodes in one sitting) with two beautiful ladies. I am a very lucky boy sometimes. To round off the day I danced around my room like a teenage girl to a strange collection of electro, indie and motown. Lovely stuff.

Today is Monday and I have it off. To celebrate I've had 5 rashers of bacon and 4 cups of coffee. Whoop!

Tally ho.x