Monday, 15 June 2009

Now the dawn has cracked, like that bric a brac I wish I'd bubble wrapped

Today I think I'll write a little bit about a song I am mildly (read: completely) obsessed with at the moment. The song in question is by a wee band called The Wild Wolves, formed by Alex Cox the former drummer of the now defunct Vincent Vincent and the Villains.

I am usually loathe to even visit myspace (home of the Repetitive Impersonal Promotion), let alone listen to music on it, yet this song, unavailable elsewhere, has me returning daily and often for extended periods.

It's called 'Honey' and I love love love it. It has echos of VV&tV in its old fashioned take on rock and roll, with helpful doses of chirpy drums and smooth, airy backing vocals. But I've never ever ever been very good at describing music so I'll stop trying there and just encourage a listen.

At 1,299 listens at the time of writing this is criminally under-exposed. So the more attention the better.

Honourable mention must also go to a band called Fiction, who I saw last week supporting (I say supporting, I mean they happened, by chance, to be earlier on the bill than) my buddypals The Overcoats. They're one of the most visually striking bands I've seen in a long time, mainly due to the two front men also being the drummers... stand-up centre-stage drummers sharing only three or so drums and a cow bell. Their offering is angular post-punky stuff and they are damn good fun, 'Curiosity' being a personal highlight

And now look what I've gone and done, claimed to dislike myspace and proceeded to link to three different myspace pages. Shameful hypocrisy.

In other news, tonight I'm going to my first Freeze! and very much looking forward to it.

Toodle-oo x

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